Simon 🎙️ Microsoft Partner Podcast

Bicep, Azure Verified Modules and Infrastructure as Code Simon Wåhlin recently had the honor to guest the Microsoft Partner Podcast to discuss Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Bicep and Azure Verified Modules. Why are these topics so important for deploying an application quickly? How can it help with security and minimize the risk of essential knowledge becoming stuck with individual persons? What is Microsoft Partnerpodden? Microsoft Partnerpodden is a Swedish podcast produced by Microsoft, targeted primarily at IT professionals.

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Unwonted ❤️ Västerås Azure

Unwonted ❤️ Västerås Azure Unwonted is proud to announce that we are partnering up with Västerås Azure as hosts for the April Meetup on the 11th of April! Västerås Azure User Group (VAZUG) is an Azure Meetup in Västerås Sweden. They are hosting meetups with Azure related topis for anyone who is willing to make the trip to Västerås. The meetup focuses on building a local community for learning and knowledge sharing, where everyone is welcome regardless of previous experiences with Azure and cloud technologies.

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Our mission The year is 2024, the cloud is here to stay and gaining knowledge of how to use it is more important than ever. Unwonted is born in the era of cloud and our mission is to share the knowledge of cloud computing, to help companies getting the most out of their cloud journey and having a lot of fun along the way. Do you want a helping hand in an Azure related project?

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