PowerShell Conference Europe 2024

By Maxx Glans June 11, 2024

Emanuel Palm is speaking at PSConf 2024!

PSConf Antwerp

From Cloudy to Clear: Demystifying Azure Authentication

We are proud to announce that Emanuel Palm is speaking at PowerShell Conference Europe 2024!

In his in-depth session, Emanuel will guide participants to confidently choose the best OAuth 2.0 authentication solution for their next Azure project. He will cover various OAuth 2.0 authentication methods, explore different Azure identity types, and discuss tokens and API differences. We asked Emanuel a couple of questions about his upcoming trip!

You usually say that PSConf is a highlight each year, why is that?
  • PowerShell Conference Europe is an amazing conference that gathers some of the most clever people in the community! PowerShell itself is really versatile, and even if people use it for many different things you can always pick up some new tools, techniques or ways of working during the week. A large community focus is also on how to use PowerShell for doing things in Azure, which is what I’m talking about this year.
Your session is 90 minutes! Do you prepare in any special way?
  • Yeah it’s a deep dive this year! I’m talking about Azure Authentication and the many, many (many!) aspects of it. It took me years to understand some of the details, so my goal is to make that timespan shorter for the people attending. The preparation is the same as usual but longer, starting from a session outline in PowerPoint and ensuring that slides are neither boring or overwhelming. Some parts are easier to convey with slick animations and graphics, and others with practical demos.
Who is your session intended for?
  • Me, but the me from 5 years ago when I started out in Azure and tried to navigate the various OAuth flows just to call an API. I think everyone should attend if they work in Azure but feel that things like workload identities, credentials, tokens, permissions and scopes are complex and that they would like to understand it better.
PsConf or MS Ignite?
  • PowerShell Conference for sure! It’s technical, the people are down-to-earth and it has everything from beginner level and soft skills, to mind-blowing deep-dives about cool and nerdy things.
Lastly, any fun plans while you’re in Antwerp?
  • The yearly #PSCoffeeExchange at PSConf! It’s a tradition that started a couple of years ago and was brought into practice last year when a few of us brought a bag of coffee to trade. Don’t tell anyone, but some of the beans that I roasted were fermented together with apricot juice at the farm, for an extra fruity kick đŸ€«

PSConf Emanuel Palm

PowerShell Conference Europe 2024

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