By Maxx Glans March 18, 2024

Stefan Ivemo is Unwonted!

Stefan Ivemo

Cloud Architect

We are thrilled to announce that Stefan Ivemo joins Unwonted as a Cloud Architect. Stefan has a focus on Azure architecture and Infrastructure as Code where he will help our customers with both strategy, design and implementation of modern infrastructure solutions.

The community & Microsoft MVP

Stefan is very active in the Azure community where he contributes to different open source projects, speak at conferences and user groups. He is also the founder and organizer of Västerås Azure User Group.

Stefan is awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in the Azure category.

We asked 10 quick questions to Stefan

Azure or NHL?
  • Azure for sure! I no longer go to bed at 19:00, set the alarm at 02:00, watch a NHL game and sleep an additional 2 hours before starting work. I blame old age for my bad priorities!
What’s the latest book you read?
  • I’ve been reading a lot of books the last 2 years actually. The downside with working with tech is that my brain is always processing something, a problem at work, a new architecture, an idea for a new solution or tool. But reading about something that’s not related to IT at all allows the brain to relax for a while. I’m all into thrillers and crime, at the moment I’m working my way through Pascal Engmans series about police detective Vanessa Frank.
We heard you still are aiming at a career as a professional golfer?
  • Haha! I’ve given up on that a long time ago. I’m not talented enough to get there. My next missions is to become a world famous pizza chef.
What is the most fun in Azure right now?
  • The last year has been all about Azure Networking which one of my favourite areas. There’s been a lot of work building network topologies using multiple Azure regions globally and Azure native services only. Virtual WAN, ExpressRoutes and VPN, DNS, Azure Firewall, Application Gateways, WAF etc. Deploying and configuring it all using Infrastructure as Code of course!
What is VAZUG?
  • VAZUG stands for Västerås Azure User Group which is an Azure Meetup that I’ve founded and is now co-organizing. We organize physical Meetups bi-monthly in Västerås focusing on sharing knowledge, meeting new people and learn new things from community members or external speakers. It’s been extremely rewarding to establish a local community in Västerås, we have many returning visitors, and have received great feedback from both attendees and speakers. Join us at Meetup to keep track of our upcoming events -
Can you bake a pizza?
  • I know my way around a pizza dough😁. I love eating pizza, looking at pizza, smelling pizza, and baking pizza. I made pizza for lunch three times last week. Wood-fired neapolitan pizza of course!
Why did you join Unwonted?
  • After spending the last ten years at bigger consulting firms I felt that it was time to make a move to a more focused specialist firm where I could really make an impression and be a part of shaping the culture. And with Unwonted being a brand new company with some of my favorite people founding it, it was a no brainer to make the move.
Do you think Unwonted is a good name?
  • It’s a great conversation starter for sure since most people confuse it with the word unwanted and you have a natural ice breaker. I’ve always been out of the ordinary which makes us a perfect fit!
What are you most looking forward to in 2024?
  • I look forward to growing a bunch of vegetables in my garden, bakin a lot of pizzas, take care of my lawn (there is nothing better than mowing the lawn❤️) and spend time with my family. When it comes to work I really look forward to helping our customers on their Azure journey and help shape Unwonted to the best player in the Azure field.
What did you wish for as a Christmas gift?
  • What did I not wish for? I always have an up-to-date wishlist. On top of the list was a new BBQ Grill, a case of beer and new shoes.

Welcome Stefan!